Pat's Pit - For Serious Powerlifters

Stands, racks, bands, chains, reverse-hyper machines, sweat, harsh language - everything a serious powerlifter needs. Pat's Pit was built by powerlifters for powerlifters. With multiple stations, bars and weights, there is no problem training a group for the next big powerlifting meet. 


Pat's Pit - Fully equipped to make you a champion:

  • Contains 3 power stations including an EFS Deluxe Competition Bench, 3 deadlift platform and a traditional squat platform.
  • Included are all of the accessories such as bands, boards,chains and boxes.
  • Available are a variety of competition squat, deadlift and bench bars, fat bars, cambered bars and safety squat bars.
    A Trap Bar and a Yoke Squat Bar.
  • Use the monolift or train off of a traditional squat rack

This Pit is used by nationally and internationally ranked powerlifters from multiple federations.

Come see why they choose Iron Works Gym. 


Monolifts for Maximum Squats  - Iron Works Gym also features not one, but two monolifts for maximizing your squat potential.The monolift allows the squatter to set up and squat without the need for a walkout. 

Check it out Trevor Andrus squatting 800lbs in one of the monolifts.



All of Accessories -   Also Unique to Iron Works Gym:

  • 3 additional squat racks
  • Strongman training equipment
  • Olympic lifting platform and rack
  • Several other incline, decline and regular benches
  • Plus a range of additional strength equipment including a reverse hyper machine and a brand new glute-ham strength machine.

Come in and talk to Pat, he will take your lifting to the next level.